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Millesime Champagne Mangin et Fils Leuvrigny


A generous amount of foam with fine bubbles give rise to a long-lasting crown. The robe is laced with almond green highlight.
The nose is acidulous with fresh citrus aromas (grapefruit, candied lemon) combined with dried blossom aromas (verbena).
The palate is fresh and delicate and the aromas of fresh citrus and dried blossom linger harmoniously.

To be accompanied with grilled fish and seafood.


The effervescence forms a delicate crown of foam. The robe is slightly golden. The nose first develops aromas of fleshy yellow fruit (peach, apricot).
After a few minutes, the nose develops to aromas of dried fruit (hazelnut) and honey.
It is very round and tasty on the palate combined with freshness and acidity. The aromas are mostly reminiscent of French pastries.

This cuvee is to be enjoyed for pre-meal drinks or throughout meals as an accompaniment to poultry with dried fruit.

Champagne Brut Champagne Mangin et Fils Leuvrigny
Médaille d'or Champagne Brut nature Champagne Mangin et Fils Leuvrigny

Brut nature

The effervescence is intense, with a generous amount of delicate bubble lines. The string of foam is persistent.

This champagne has a light yellow tint with a gold glint. It offers a very savory first nose, with aromas of young fruits like quinces. Then it grows quickly into a very fresh note of grapefruit.

The basic note is of dried flowers, like honeysuckle.

On the palate the Champagne is characterized by a beautiful and vivid white flower flavor which offers rapidly an acidulous note. You will enjoy a beautiful length in the mouth, nicely complemented by the dried flower note mentioned above.

Brut rosé

The bubbles are discrete on a robe which combines salmon nuances with orange highlights. The nose is delicate and opens out onto scents of orange liquor and cherry eau de vie. The freshness on the palate evolves to aromas of red currant jelly and mixed berries jam.

This cuvee is ideal for pre-meal drinks or to be served with deserts with mixed berries (raspberry tart).

Champagne brut rosé Champagne Mangin et Fils Leuvrigny
Ratafia Champagne Mangin et Fils Leuvrigny


Its subtle style comes from the blend of grape must with Champagne eau de vie (Marc de Champagne). Sweet and spicy scents appear on the nose whereas hints of candied fruit and quince jelly appear on the palate.

To be served as pre-meal drink, on the rocks or mixed in a cocktail.

Some tasting advice

We recommend you to serve champagne at a temperature of 7-8°C. You can serve it after it spent 30 minutes in an ice-bucket or after 2 hours spent in the fridge.

The Brut and the Brut Rosé suit the aperitif and the starter. With a course (as roasted meat)or cheese, the Brut Rosé can be suitable. With desert, we recommend you to drink Demi-Sec.

In these conditions and according to your taste, you will appreciate their bouquet and subtlety.

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